Episode #134 – Star Trek’s Sitcom: Star Trek: Lower Decks

Viacom CBS has been expanding their use of the Star Trek license since the debut of Star Trek: Discovery in 2017. In late 2018, the announcement was made for the adult animated comedy series, Star Trek: Lower Decks. To use the Trekkie cliché, CBS was boldly going where no Star Trek series has gone before. While adult animation is not exactly a gamble in 2020, there was some doubt among Trek fans as to whether it would work in Roddenberry’s universe. As of August 6th, 2020, we can now decide for ourselves. Mike McMahan’s (Rick and Morty) take on Trek is now available for our enjoyment or torment on CBS All Access (and Netflix outside of the U.S.) Does it succeed where Discovery and Picard fell short? The NerdBliss crew as well as 10 other episode contributors are here to deliver the verdict.

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We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the following individuals who kindly gave their time to contribute to this episode. It would not have been possible without them.

Brian Holloway
Erika Figueroa
Evan Harris
Eric L. Watts
Jeff Jewell
Leila McMichael
Leslie Owen
Marc B. Lee
Montgomery Lopez
Shawn Vanderloo

Check out the trailer below.

2 thoughts on “Episode #134 – Star Trek’s Sitcom: Star Trek: Lower Decks”

    1. Thank you! I hope we can have you on again soon! We’ve never done a Zoom meeting to Japan before, but you’re worth it. 😉

      ICYMI – We just published the epilogue for this episode that includes your full recording. Enjoy!

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