Episode #100 – TNBP 100th Episode Spectacular

We did the thing 100 times. We’d like to thank all of our past guests and everyone who listened and supported us along the way. We look forward to making many more episodes in the future.

Time Index:

3:17 – Messages from Erika Figueroa, Michelle Shara, Brandon Hilton / Onya Mann, and Kaito Takizawa.

5:26 – Guest: Kaito Takizawa

12:12 – Messages from Tyler Butler, Johnathan Wheatley, and Heath Lane

14:26 – Guest: Adam Whetston a.k.a. Sexy Thor, Co-Host of Thunder Talk

22:25 – Message from Heath Lane.

24:24 – Live messages from James Moser, Jessica Moser, Matt & Joey Starnes and Evan Harris

36:01 – Guest: Mike Faber of ESO Network

54:36 – Host: Heath Lane (Song Clip: My Mom’s Hot Neighbor by Heath Lane)

1:11:37 – Messages from Theresa Watkins, Rick from Florida, David Garvey, and Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit.

1:13:26 – Host: Eric Jones

1:25:11 – Message from Delanne Ivey

1:25:43 – Live messages from Larry Methener, Jon Rasmussen, Kelly Walters, and Katie from Missouri.

1:34:11 – Guest: Luna Shovegood of the Spartanburg Deadly Dolls.

1:47:18 – Message from Eric L. Watts, Chairman of Treklanta.

1:47:39 – Commercial Break

1:49:08 – Thunder Talk take-over.

1:55:58 – Guest: Johnathan Wheatley, host of History of Comic Books Podcast

2:04:36 – Messages from Saint Enoch DeHart and Frankie Dusky of Happy Vagabonds Farm.

2:06:18 – Guests: Matt & Joey Starnes of The Charlotte Geeks and Guardians of the Geekery podcast.

2:22:11 – Messages from Madison Metricula Roberts, Chris French, and SeVeah Hilton.

2:23:52 – Guest: Melissa Klink

2:28:06 – Host: Tina Jones

2:33:44 – Host: Chris Jones

2:48:26 – Closing message and song from Comedy Rockstar Mikey Mason.

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