Episode 155 – Get Back

Team NerdBliss weighs in on the Beatles and the Get Back mini-series documentary. Call or text us 24/7 at (864) 715-9446 and leave us feedback on this or any other episode. We might play or […]

Episode 154 – Spider-Man: No Way Home

We begin this episode with a message from the NerdBliss call-in line, and then Team NerdBliss weighs in on Spider-Man: No Way Home. Call or text us 24/7 at (864) 715-9446 and leave us feedback […]

Episode 153 – Word Salad – December 2021

Episode #153 is up! Team NerdBliss gives their impressions of: DuneStar Trek: DiscoveryShang ChiEternalsVenomDoctor Who Call or text us 24/7 at (864) 715-9446 and leave us feedback on this or any other episode. We might […]

Episode 150 – This One’s A Little Late (Vol. 1) – Suicide Squad, Free Guy

It’s been a while. Pardon us while we play a bit of catch-up. This episode covers our thoughts on The Suicide Squad and Free Guy. We’re also playing around with the logo a bit. Let […]

Episode 149 – MOTU: Revelation & Doom Patrol

We talk about the new wave of COVID, starring the Delta Variant. We then cover Kevin Smith’s controversial take on Masters of the Universe. After the break, we discuss our impressions of Doom Patrol. Call […]

Episode 148 – Revelator (with guest Jon Rasmussen)

Revelator started as an online collaborative project in 2011, and matured into a live indie rock band with the release of their 2017 album #Muricana. Heath Lane and Jon Rasmussen have been with the project from […]

Episode 147 – Letterkenny & DC Stuff

Har ya now? Well, Big Shoots, we’re here to talk a little bit about our new obsession, Letterkenny. We then go on to a discussion about DC properties and where their universes are going and […]

Episode 146 – Comedy Rock Geek Mikey Mason

At long last, we finally got our good friend Mikey Mason on the show! Mikey is known to geeks and nerds from having seen him perform at conventions all over the U.S.A. For over ten […]

Bliss Bites, Volume 4

Bliss Bites is a short-form spinoff series from NerdBliss. Bliss Bites are short segments by the NerdBliss hosts. In Volume 4: Furries Another Galaxy Quest project announcement Mortal Kombat Titans Call or text us 24/7 […]

Episode 145 – The Fall Horsemen

In this episode, we have a visit from our good friends from The Fall Horsemen YouTube channel. The Fall Horsemen are about all things Fall and Halloween After discussing their channel content, a rather interesting […]