Episode 148 – Revelator (with guest Jon Rasmussen)

Revelator started as an online collaborative project in 2011, and matured into a live indie rock band with the release of their 2017 album #Muricana. Heath Lane and Jon Rasmussen have been with the project from the start, acting as the creative force for the album. Jared Burger and William Smith have joined the band to bring the sound to the stage and bring their own input into new music going forward.

On the latest record and in their live performance, they blend a post-grunge indie rock sound with touches of the small town south, both lyrically and rhythmically, to create something fresh that conveys a sense of nostalgia at the same time.

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One thought on “Episode 148 – Revelator (with guest Jon Rasmussen)”

  1. Revelator was disbanded about a month after this podcast aired. Folks who are interested may check out my new power-duo, W4WVK, with drummer Jared Burger by visiting and liking our Facebook page here (links to BandCamp and such are there as well): facebook.com/w4wvk


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