Episode #25 – Dragon Pros and Dragon Cons

In this episode we tell of our preparations for DragonCon! Chris, Tina, and Eric will be there and we plan to record Intoxicast Vol 2.: Electric Malibu while we’re there. DC continues to confound us with the announcement of stand-alone movies that are outside of their cinematic universe. We follow up on our MoviePass discussion. We also talk about Joss Whedon, xHamster, Xena, and more.

Signal Boost: Earth Station One, The Bearded Ones


  • Your hosts catch us up on what they’ve been doing. Alex just finished a children’s charity event, and Tina is having wig problems.
  • We’re going to DragonCon! Intoxicast Vol. 2 – Electric Malibu! The Tao of DragonCon panels.
  • New Joker and Batman movies that are NOT part of the DCEU. (Source: Deadline.com, TheWrap.com)
  • A follow-up on MoviePass.
  • ADD Moment: A live read of Coming to America. Chris plans to be McDowell’s employee for the Black Panther premiere. John Amos is still alive (see images below).
  • Joss Whedon’s ex-wife accuses him of not being the feminist he claims to be. (Source: WashingtonPost.com)
  • ADD Moment: Bloodsport, Bolo Yeung, and Bruce Lee
  • Porn site xHamster wants to continue the cancelled Netflix series Sense8.
    (Source: xHamster NOTE: This link takes you to xHamster. Click at your own risk.)
  • What other shows can xHamster revive?
  • ADD Moment: British children’s show Blue Peter. Firefly isn’t coming back.
  • The Xena reboot has effectively died on the vine. xHamster maybe? Who would you cast in the roles? (Source: Collider.com)
  • Alex’s DragonCon tips. Don’t be “Inappropriate Boner Aquaman”.

Dave’s Not Here by Terrapin Beer Co., Athens GA.

Tina’s wig

Geek Classic: Shatner Rocket Man

Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit performing Shatner Rocket Man

Bob’s Carter’s Character VO Demo



Getting ready for Intoxicast Vol. 2 – Electric Malibu!

The Wolf of Wall Street

Louis Anderson as seen in Coming To America

Actor John Amos

Actor Bolo Yeung as seen in Bloodsport (1988)

A clip from John Byner’s sketch comedy show Bizarre

Rob Paulsen and Tara Strong reading from The Big Lebowski



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