Episode #33 – Where No F-Bombs Have Gone Before

What the actual f**k? F-Bombs on Star Trek: Discovery?? You’re damn right! This episode is obviously foul-mouthed, but it is foul-mouthed with a point…and ponies…and panthers….and BEER!



  • Teaching Bronies about friendship and the superiority of pie, the giving of the pie, and the eating and non-eating of the pie.
  • Carolina BrewHaHa and more prattling on about craft beer. Mad shout out to The Southern Growl.
  • The ESO TeePublic Store is now online! Some commentary on the print-to-order business model.
  • Thoughts (and prayers) on the Black Panther trailer, and musings on the hometowns of Chadwick Boseman and Edwin McCain.
  • Snoop Dogg is a game show host and other rappers who went to television and movies.
  • The F-Bomb on Star Trek: Discovery and the whole debate on the validity of profanity in language.
  • Dave and Alex aren’t here, and this follows to its natural conclusion, a conversation about Harlem Nights and the overall health of Della Reese.
  • The culpability of both McDonald’s and Rick & Morty fans in the Szechuan sauce debacle.
  • Mad love to whoever is running Wendy’s and KFC’s Twitter campaigns.
  • We actually get to try some Paul Masson brandy and thoughts on future drinking events.

Dazzlings Poster – Click to see on RedBubble.

Click here to see the original artwork on DeviantArt.

Black Panther Trailer

Snoop Dogg presents The Joker’s Wild

Orson Welles for Paul Masson champagne, sober version.

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