Episode #36 – Redacted

Just because Chris has a day job doesn’t mean the show won’t go on. Tina and Eric host our good friends Adam Whetston and Johnathan Wheatley (who you may remember from Intoxicast Vol 2.5) in a free-form discussion. This is good geek talk right here. If they hadn’t mentioned [redacted] so many times, this would have been a perfect episode.



  • General Introductions and the provoking of Chris’ anger early in the process.
  • Wheatley’s experiences with the postal service.
  • Who inspires Adam?
  • Waffle House catering.
  • Who inspires Wheatley?
  • More movie industry life.
  • Chris gave up on the show notes at this point. (Actually he may finish them later, but don’t count on it. It’s not like any of you are reading the show notes anyway.)

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