Episode #45 – Sometimes You Just Want a Big Mac

Can you think of any meaningful scenes between Scotty and Dr. McCoy? We had a really hard time trying to do that. Do you know what’s even harder? Coming up with a synopsis of this week’s episode. That’s what. I mean, it’s all good. It’s just…random.


  • Relating to the cast of Black Panther. Social agendas in your face.
  • Best animated feature Oscar nominations.
  • Tropic Thunder. Dan was right about I Am Sam.
  • What does God need with a starship? The gourmet burger versus the Big Mac.
  • Some aimless talk about Star Wars, Jar Jar Binks, and George Lucas
  • Paddington 2 and kids movies in general.
  • Eric and the live drops.
  • Slash and shipping Data and C3PO.
  • Name a Star Trek scene with Scotty and McCoy, we dare you.
  • Citra Ass Down IPA and other creative craft beer names.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise update from Eric.
  • Deconstructing Captain Archer and Enterprise.
  • Modern fandom, did the internet ruin fandom or is fandom outdated?

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