Episode #1 – Welcome


Welcome to the inaugural episode of TNBP!

Summary of Topics:

  • Get to know The NerdBliss Podcast team.
  • Marvel vs. DC.
  • Doughnut vs. Muffins vs. Bagels.
  • What books we would give as gifts.
  • A few Dune references. (No need to fear. Fear is the mind killer.)

Our crew of regulars has been selected carefully based on a combination of willingness and geek credentials. They all showed up for episode one to prove those creds to the hypothetical listener.

The gang also talked about books they would gift to someone or would recommend. Links to said books will be conveniently provided for your browsing pleasure as part of Amazon’s Affiliate Program.

So, let’s meet the gang:


Christopher “Host & Audio Engineer” Jones
photo credit: Christopher M. Jones

Eric “Exposed to Movies” Jones

Photo credit: Tina Louise Jones

Eric’s myspace

“The Box” includes the short story “Button, Button”:

Alex “Comic Book Geek of Record” Arritt

Photo credit: Dani Arritt

SC Upstate Heroes on Facebook

Alex’s Book recommendation

David “Customer Service Samurai”  Garvey
Picture not available.
Dave is too busy playing WOW to do social media.

Tina Louise “Reluctant Podcaster & Webmistress” Jones
Tina blogs irregularly at Nerdbliss.com
Tina on Facebook
Tina on Twitter

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