Episode #17 – JETTISON PODcast



  • Recap of recent episodes and updated equipment.
  • Update on Dave and the Veterinary Medicine field.
  • Are snakes as pets a thing now?
  • Alex recaps Con Kasterborous.
  • We love the art of Dimitri Walker (see link below).
  • Wonder Woman recap with spoilers. (a.k.a. Chris Pine on a Motorbike III)
  • It always comes back to Star Trek with us.
  • DragonCon! (Keith R. A. DeCandido gets yet another mention.)

Link: Dimitri Walker – Fandom Artist – Go buy his art!

From the Star Trek episode “Court Martial” (TOS Season 1, Episode 14). The handy “JETTISON POD” button can be clearly seen on the right arm of the captain’s chair.
Our brand new Tascam DP-24SD multi-track recorder.

Note: Eric is correct. The Gregorian Calendar is the de-facto international standard.

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