Episode #18 – Muscles for Mari



  • Does the desire to see a movie a second or third time factor into how good the movie is?
  • Watching Wonder Woman for reasons outside of being interested in the genre or character.
  • The Chief: Representation or pandering?
  • Tina is still mad about Adam Beach in Suicide Squad.
  • Chris has a problem with joints and word humor.
  • Is a movie theater church service better attended than Transformers: The Last Knight?
  • MST3K – “The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t.”
  • SPOILERS for Transformers: The Last Knight and a brief reflection on the movie series at large.
  • Chris likes DVD/Blu-ray commentary tracks.
  • McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast vs Chris & Tina’s diet. Is pink slime still a thing?
  • Better eating plans and thoughts on exercise for health and weight loss.
  • Chris has committed to “Muscles for Mari”.
  • Eric updates us on his watching of Enterprise. Chris has started watching Star Trek: TNG again.
  • Geordi La Forge never gets the girl.
  • LaVar Burton’s new podcast where he reads to adults.
  • The art of Star Trek techno-babble.

Link: Wonder Woman features a secret god character and no-one noticed (Source: DigitalSpy)

Reading Rainbow for adults. Click to visit LaVar’s site (because Geordi has no sight).
The diet that Chris and Tina started in September of 2016 is contained in Penn Jillette’s book. Click to see on Amazon.

Here is book Eric talked about for his diet. Click to see on Amazon.

Click to see on Amazon

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