Episode #28 – Exit The Dragon 2017

We continue to recover from DragonCon 2017. We remember what we can about Intoxicast Vol. 2: Electric Malibu and hold court on what we’ll call the next one. Much of what we did at DragonCon can be seen on our Instagram (@nerdblisspod). While Tina rides her high from our last improv show, Alex talks about his daughter’s Wonder Woman cosplay aspirations and shares some stories from his charity work. Finally, we give our impressions of The Orville, and play the (Fried Green) Rotten Tomatoes game.


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  • (2:39) The naming and announcement of future Intoxicast episodes.
  • (6:23) Tina recalls drunken Alex at TrekTrax 2012, and Chris gives the secret phrase to get chatty drunks to go to bed.
  • (8:50) DragonCon memory loss and more about Intoxicast Vol. 2
  • (12:11) Alex asks about Chris re-growing facial hair. (We forgot to mention why Jonathan Frakes is the reason Chris is growing the beard back, as if you couldn’t guess. Chris asked Number One whether or not he should re-grow the beard, mostly as a joke. Mr. Frakes sincerely recommended that he grow it back.)
  • (13:31) The appearance of the Seventh Host, The Upstairs Neighbors (specifically, their washing machine) and we discuss the secret to Alex being funny.
  • (14:59) We are planning a D&D game night.
  • (15:53) Alex is watching Rick and Morty now.
  • (17:04) Alex’s daughter wants to cosplay as Wonder Woman and he has feelings about it.
  • (24:33) Alex will be working the Georgia Make A Wish Foundation to appear as a superhero at children’s hospitals.
  • (25:46) Alex made a visit to an adopted child’s birthday party at a local fire station.
  • (28:48) Eric talks about the side effects of his flu shot.
  • (29:25) Chris is considering going “Canadian Sober”
  • (30:26) Tina suggests an unconventional way of contacting us.
  • (32:13) Tina has an idea for a new game for the show.
  • (35:46) Alex gives an example of a question you should NOT ask your brain trust.
  • (40:19) Chris and Tina mention taking improv classes with Alchemy Comedy (see the link below or on our Friends & Sponsors page).
  • (43:34) We find yet more time to talk about the Intoxicast concept.
  • (47:31) We give our impressions of The Orville.
  • (57:24) The (Fried Green) Rotten Tomatoes game: The Orville Edition

Below: The end of Intoxicast Vol. 2, with special guest photo bomb by James Moser.


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