Episode #39 – Draggin’ The Line

Stranger Things 2 [SPOILER WARNING], The Disney / Fox deal, our experiences at Costco, Ready Player One, Squirrel Girl, John Barrowman, Tarantino’s rumored plans for a Star Trek movie, and an old picture of Chris in a goofy-ass jacket.

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  • Stranger Things, Season 2 [SPOILER WARNING]
  • Chris in a knock-off Michael Jackson-style jacket holding a roll of 35mm film. (Once upon a time, you didn’t get to see your pictures instantly.)
  • Eric’s employer was bought out by his new employer.
  • Shoutouts to Adam and Wheatley.
  • The Disney / Fox deal, Southern Baptists, and The Black Hole.
  • All things Squirrel Girl and the fabulous John Barrowman.
  • Why does Costco check your receipt? The virtues of Costco.
  • Alex’s bad touch experience. Tina’s retail experience. Celebrities with problems.
  • Keeping your Singers straight. Keeping your LaVars straight.
  • Meandering Mosers, Disney, and Unobtainium. Goddamn!
  • That awkward plea for listener engagement.
  • The Reply All Podcast.
  • Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, new trailer. Licencing issues and J.R.R. Tolkien’s son and grandchildren’s handling of licensing.
  • Tarantino rumored to make the next Star Trek film.
  • Daym Drops loses the narrative to Marc Summers.

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Early Squirrel Girl

Ready Player One – Official Trailer #1

2 thoughts on “Episode #39 – Draggin’ The Line”

  1. As per request of this podcast:
    Butter Slacks is the best pony
    Colgate is my favorite toothpaste
    And Adam & I would love to be back.

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