Episode #53 – A Little Canada In Your Mouth & SC Comicon Wrap Up

We have our wrap up of SC Comicon 2018 and Melissa Klink joins us again to share some snacks she brought back from Canada. We manage to find things to talk about in between as well.


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    • Fundraiser for Teddy and the Bassman.
    • Chris’ moment of shame and apology.
    • We welcome Melissa Klink back to the show.
    • The first sampling of some Candian snacks.
    • Rick and Morty Season 4?
    • Canadian Snack #2
    • SC Comicon update #1
    • William “Refrigerator” Perry
    • Canadian Snack #3
    • Break / ESO – The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon /
      Retro Ad /
    • Evangelical movies and the actors who star in them.
    • Canadian Snack #4
    • SC Comicon update #2
    • Canadian Snack #5
    • SC Comicon update #3
    • Tina can drink.
    • Furries at the con.
    • Special shout out to Metricula
    • Canadian Snack #6
    • Canadian Snack #7 (Mae West)
    • Heath Lane and Revelator
    • Canadian Snack #8
    • The Radio Room
    • Canadian Snack #9 (Ketchup flavored Doritos!!)
    • Black Market Toast Podcast.
    • Canadian Snack #10 (Thrills Gum)

NOTE: The wafer cookie product that Chris was trying to think of was Figurines by Pillsbury.

One thought on “Episode #53 – A Little Canada In Your Mouth & SC Comicon Wrap Up”

  1. LOL – You all say Toronto so strange and properly. When you’re from here it’s something like T’ronna. What fun on the Canadian treats! If you need any background on them, I can fill you in. If you need refills, I can smuggle them over the border.
    My Dad is currently in the woods boiling syrup. 🙂

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