Episode #64 – David Wood (DJ D) of Dark Entries: Goth Radio

Chris and Dan are, shall we say, unavailable for this episode, but the show goes on! Tina and Eric captain the ship along with our good friend Adam (a.k.a. Sexy Thor). In this episode, we welcome David Wood, also known as DJ D, from Dark Entries: Goth Radio which airs on WUSC 90.5 FM Columbia SC.



      • Introductions
      • Adam’s grandfather’s Darth Maul collection and other oddities about our families.
      • A check in from Dan.
    • Deadpool 2 – Casual thoughts and David’s connection to Deadpool comic writers.
    • David’s music connections that came from his radio work.
    • David gets the NerdBliss questions.
    • Billboard: Running zombies suck.
    • Geeky things: Horror, Batman, Goth culture, and Spawn.
    • Batman v Superman vs Justice League vs Krypton
    • Fast and Furious 7 vs physics.
    • Inspiration: Clive Barker
    • Book as a gift: Hellbound Hearts
    • Doughnut, muffin, or bagel?: Bagel
    • Marvel or DC?: DC
    • Voice actors. “Who is that guy?”
    • What does God need with a starship?
    • End credits scenes.
    • First movie seen in the theater: Poltergeist II
    • More about Dark Entries: Goth Radio

David on Twitter: @darkentriesdjd


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