Episode #66 – Getting Down & Disney with James & Jessica Moser

Our good friends James and Jessica Moser are finally on the show in a sober scenario! With them being such huge Disney fans, and Dan having just recently returned from Disney World vacation, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about all things Disney World and Disneyland.



  • Drinking around ‘The World’ and the Coca Cola ‘ride’.
  • The truth about the Disney World WalMart and the lawless swamp.
  • The Disney Cruise, annual passes, and DVC.
  • The Disney Sessions War Journal – Day 2: Disneyland Florida
  • Carousel of Progress, The People Mover, and Space Mountain.
  • Disneyland vs. The Magic Kingdom.
  • Superstar Limo ride and California Adventure.
  • The Disney Sessions War Journal – Day 3: Epcot
  • Bad times at Dino Disney.

Don’t forget that the rest of Dan’s war journal will be in the Patreon content for this episode.

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