Episode #67 – Cosplay & Warpaint – Heather Bradley

We had a chance to talk to Heather Bradley of Cosplay & Warpaint and The SC Ghostbusters. Heather’s make-up work is nothing short of amazing. She is a cosplayer and geek of the highest order. It was a great pleasure to talk to her about her craft and her passions.



  • Heather’s Joker makes a child cry and nearly wrecks a golf cart guy.
  • How Heather learned to do such amazing work.
  • The dangers of lifecasting and the handiness of thunder buddies.
  • Advice on watching Castle.
  • Thunder Talk with Sexy Thor and Lightning Lad.
  • Voicemails from The NerdBliss Podcast Call-In Line
  • The round of questions.

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