Episode #68 – Better Than Black Panther?

We take a break from our run of amazing guests to have a chilled out conversation about a plethora of topics. Dan tells about his visit to Pablo to see Revelator. Fanny packs are back. The Upstate Shakespeare Festival. More about Thunder Talk. And we hear about someone on social media who couldn’t seem to wait to declare that Ant-Man & The Wasp was better than Black Panther…WHAT??



  • Introductions
  • Dan’s visit to “Pablo” to see Revelator
  • Fanny packs vs messenger bags
  • Upstate Shakespeare Festival – Greenville SC
  • Your parent’s music.
  • Some ideas for high-level Patreon rewards.
  • Guys, use a dating site!
  • More on Thunder Talk.
  • And suddenly, West Side Story.
  • The passing of Steve Ditko
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp
  • Eric STILL hasn’t seen Black Panther.
  • Better than Black Panther?
  • Gratuitous shirtless scenes.
  • Nerdist’s style of reporting.

George Carlin on “Stuff”

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