Episode #69 – The Toys We Loved & Lost

While Chris was off saving the city, Tina, Dan, Eric, and Heath welcomed Jessica Moser back as our guest. Remember Queens to the Rescue? They’re doing another show at Ground Zero in Spartanburg SC on July 28th, 2018. Heath’s band Barcode will be playing the event. Click the link below to buy tickets.

Also in this episode is a poignant segment on toys we lost from our childhood that we wish we had back again.

Jessica then gets a round of questions and tells all about the joys of accounting (no kidding).

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  • We welcome Jessica Moser back to the show.
  • Queens to the Rescue. Barcode. Unfortunate attitudes in twenty-fucking-eighteen.
  • The Robotech timeline.
  • Ground Zero, Unknown Hinson, Billy Joe Shaver
  • Spay and neuter your pets and your humans.
  • Toys we lost and wish we had back.
  • Question #1: If you owned a billboard what would you put on it?
  • Question #2: Favorite pizza toppings.
  • Question #3: What is the ugliest vegetable?
  • Question #4: What else are you geeky about?
  • Question #5: Who inspires you?
  • Question #6: Marvel or DC?
  • Question #7: Doughnut, Muffin, or Bagel?
  • Question #8: Any bullying for being a geek/nerd?
  • Question #9: First movie you saw in the theater.
  • The joy of accounting.
  • Common Core and Junior Achievement
Click here to get your tickets for Queens to the Rescue.

The History of Comic Books with Johnathan Wheatley

Jessica’s contact information: (864) 770 -0240 – jmoser@thehultquistfirm.com

Junior Achievement of Greenville Co.


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