Episode #7 – Kix My Apps

Your Hosts (as depicted by popular meme pictures):


Here is a list of apps mentioned in this episode. Please note that we are not sponsored or compensated by any of the companies that make these apps. We WISH we were worth that kind of money.

Microsoft OneNote – Also known as Chris’ second brain.

Cosplanner – Alex’s Costume Planning app.

Coach.me – Use achievement psychology to your advantage.

Headspace – A very helpful meditation app with a generous free trial period.

Withings – This company’s health and fitness products all coordinate through a central app that helps you track your progress.

Duolingo – Learn a new language for free!

Evernote – A very popular simplified alternative to OneNote

Google Keep – Google’s foray into the note taking app market with some very nice and handy features.

Journey – ♫ Just a small town girl livin’ in a lonely world. ♫ (Not the eighties band, but rather a journaling app that Tina just couldn’t stop believing in.)

If This Then That (IFTTT) – An app that works with other apps and cloud services to automate tasks.

Mighty Text – Chris forgot to mention this one in the episode, but he uses this app every day to receive and respond to texts from his computer. It also notifies you of incoming and missed calls as well as your current phone charge status.

Other Topics:

  • Eric still has a Blackberry device
  • A bag phone sighting
  • Retro tech (dedicated word processors and mechanical keyboards)
  • Our old electric typewriters
  • The depiction of forensics on TV
  • Alex is a “Calendar Guy”
  • Some dark humor that we’re not proud of.
  • Tina tells us about the blind driving to homes for donations.
  • Who is Tumblr really for?
  • Content filtering on social media
  • A brief commentary on Scientology, Mormons, and in what order they would sue us
  • People who steal lunches out of workplace refrigerators and people who don’t clear the extra time off of the microwave.
  • Alex becomes the agent of justice for a lunch thief
  • The Wil Wheaton principle

Reference: Be Inc. / BeOS

Reference: PC Magazine – The Best Mechanical Keyboards Of 2017

Reference: “Steve Perry!” psyche out from Baseketball.

Reference: “What would you say…you do here?” from Office Space.

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