Episode #6 – A Goldar By Any Other Name

Show Topics:

Power Rangers movie
The Space Giants (Goldar, see clip below)
Tokusatsu (see the Ultraman title sequence Chris mentioned below)
Supaidaman (Japanese live-action Spider-Man series, see clip below)
The Spartan Scale, Madagascar, and the worst movies we’ve ever seen
Music for dark themed movie trailers (see Geostorm and The Circle trailers below)
DC’s The New 52 and Rebirth
Wonder Woman (see trailers below)


Episode #6 – A Goldar By Any Other Name:

Power Rangers trailer

The Space Giants Title Sequence

Supaidaman Transformation Montage

The Ultraman Title Sequence (US Version)

Geostorm Teaser Trailer – (The song Chris was referring to starts at 0:25).

The Circle Trailer #2 (And a similar song starts in this trailer at 1:41).

Wonder Woman – Trailers 1-3

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