Episode #6 – A Goldar By Any Other Name

Show Topics: Power Rangers movie The Space Giants (Goldar, see clip below) Tokusatsu (see the Ultraman title sequence Chris mentioned below) Supaidaman (Japanese live-action Spider-Man series, see clip below) The Spartan Scale, Madagascar, and the […]

Episode #3 – Cosplay 101

Cosplay 101 DOWNLOAD HERE In studio: Chris Tina Alex Eric Reference: Peter Griffin eating chips in Anne Frank’s attic: Family Guy – Anne Frank by JaninaRinehart Pattern Modification Abbyshot.com – Replica coats. “Bill Foster” Falling […]

The Purpose For The Passion

by Chris Jones – 3/14/2017 Greetings, my fellow geeks. As always, thank you for coming by our humble little internet nook built out of love, sarcasm, and leftover bits of The Matrix. The purpose for […]

The NerdBliss Podcast is coming soon! (But not too soon. That would be rude.)

You found us! Welcome to TNBP! As of the time of this post, we’re still getting things set up and making sure we have enough hamsters to keep the wheels spinning. There’s also the very […]