BONUS EPISODE – Episode #89 – Part 2 (Recorded 12-30-2018)

This was originally going to be Patreon material. This is the second part of our discussion from Episode #89. We get a bit more political in this episode, and talk about New Year’s goals, but […]

Episode #89 – F**k You, 2018!

There really is no better way to say it. The cast of TNBP is PROUD to say ‘Fuck you, 2018!’. Last year, with some notable exceptions, was pretty much a shit show for all of […]

Episode #88 – Chris & Tina Get Sorted

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Chris and Tina were officially sorted live in this episode. Dan and Melissa each read the questions from the official Pottermore sorting quiz to Chris […]

Episode #87 – Khan v Undiscovered Country v Gilbert Gottfried

Where is Gilbert Gottfried? Seriously. And look, nothing in the writing of Rick & Morty has anything to do with E. B. White, okay? Now that that’s out of the way, Chris and Dan throw […]

Episode #86 – Less Fantastic Beasts, Life Day, She-Ra, and Queen

We have not yet seen The Crimes of Grindenwold, but the word on the street is not good. We talk about the grand Wookiee holiday of Life Day before discussing She-Ra and The Princesses of […]

Episode #85 – Thunder Talk’s Beth & Kawika Ah Lo

In this episode, Chris and Dan have a chat with Thunder Talk’s new contributors Beth & Kawika Ah Lo. Beth and Kawika are from Oklahoma, and we used the magic of the internet to breach […]

Episode #84 – Emotionally Charged Slime

How fondly do you remember Ghostbusters II? Chris, Tina, and Eric didn’t hate it. The question is, does it stand up to Dan-alysis? Dan jokes that he hates everything (he actually might not be joking), […]

Episode #83 – Moser Halloween Party 2018, Part 1

Here is part one of our recording at The Moser Halloween Party 2018. We had a great time and talked with some very interesting people. If you find this episode entertaining (or not), let us […]

Episode #82 – Tina’s Task Master – Physical Therapist J.T.

Tina broke her elbow just to get this guest for the podcast. J.T. is Tina’s physical therapist and he helped her make a tremendous recovery. We talk about his passion for physical therapy, CrossFit, and […]

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