Episode #113 – Tasheka Gipson

In this episode we welcome our friend from Treklanta, Tasheka Gipson. Tasheka works as a speech pathologist and has degrees in Molecular Biology, Speech Pathology, and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). She […]

Episode #112 – Phillip Coss of the USS San Juan (Starfleet International)

Phillip Coss is one of our many new friends from Treklanta 2019. He lives in Puerto Rico and is a member of Starfleet International aboard the USS San Juan. Phillip tells us about the crew […]

Episode #111 – ConCarolinas 2019 and House of Mann Fashion Show

NOTE: This episode does not meet our usual standard for audio quality. Some segments contain mic noise and distortion. We apologize for the low audio quality on what is otherwise a great episode. Right on […]

Episode #110 – Treklanta 2019 Wrap-Up

Chris and Dan recap their experience at Treklanta 2019 in Atlanta, GA over Memorial Day weekend. We would like to thank Eric L. Watts, Chairman of Treklanta, for allowing us to be a part of […]

Episode #109 – The Calm Before Treklanta 2019

This episode was recorded before our trip to Treklanta 2019. By the time you hear this, Treklanta 2019 will have already ended. But, there is still plenty to enjoy about this discussion. We hope we […]

Episode #108 – Pod People

The hosts of The NerdBliss Podcast, Thunder Talk, and The History of Comic books shot tequila, ate chicken wings, and discuss emotional intelligence in animals, a Star Wars fanfic, variety shows, and Chevy Chase reportedly […]

Episode #107 – Queens to the Rescue: One Year Later

Almost a year to the day after their previous appearance on the show, Michelle Shara and Brandon Hilton return to the studio. When we last had them as guests, Queens to the Rescue, a charity […]

Episode #106 – We’re In The Endgame Now. (SPOILERS!!)

SPOILER WARNING: This episode contains a TON of spoilers for Avengers: Endgame!! You knew we’d dedicate an episode to Avengers: Endgame, right? And with the spoiler frenzy surrounding this movie you can bet your ass […]

Episode #105 – Easter Sunday 2019

He is risen, from his bed on Easter Sunday morning, that is. Dan then drove his sleepy, atheist ass to Four Foot One Studios to share with us his thoughts on, and experiences with, Easter […]

Episode #104 – The Rise of The Black Hole

With the newly published pictures of the M87 black hole (known as Pōwehi) the whole internet became fascinated with the phenomenon and the science of its existence. We owe a lot of thanks to the […]