Episode #11 – Intoxicast Vol. 1 (Recorded at Treklanta 2017)



Topics (Sober Segment):

  • Eric finishes the sound check with Ezekiel 25:17 a la Tarantino, and we then blindly follow the thread of Samuel L. Jackson.
  • New vocabulary word: pizzle.
  • The joy of con versus the wrath of Khan.
  • We peruse the Treklanta program to decide where we’d like to eat.
  • A brief exchange on PBR and hipsters that brings us back Samuel L. Jackson and Pulp Fiction specifically.
  • Fixing Eric’s boom. Are we in Atlanta or aren’t we? You’ve got to build bypasses.
  • The NRA and The POTUS are in town. Politics ruin everything.

Topics (Inebriated Segment):

Topics: (Shit-faced Segment):

  • Tina’s petticoat and the deployment of Axe body spray as air freshener.
  • German comedians, Rammstein, and numb faces.
  • Tina gets a friend request.
  • By virtue of Axe body spray, Eric is placed in charge.
  • Atlanta is the birthplace of Coca-Cola.
  • Keith R. A. DeCandido got married (congrats!), didn’t make it to Treklanta 2017, has written a lot of books, and has been elected to represent rational thought among our group.
  • Kickstarter (not a Patreon) for Mermaid Precinct. Note: Funding has ended for this project.
  • Is Men In Black III any good?
  • Blackberry is the old girl that still likes to dance.
  • “Cash you outside” and we remember Donahue.

Guy that didn’t make it to Treklanta 2017 (Keith R. A. DeCandido)

Rammstein’s Giant Penis

“Cash Me Outside” Girl – Dr. Phil Show


The Book Nook – Decatur, GA (Tina’s books came from this vendor)
Starbase Atlanta (Chris’ Rainbow Dash drink came from this vendor)

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