Episode #12 – Once You Go Bakula You Discover Mary Sue Orville




  • The release of Alien Covenant and it’s reception at the theaters and on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Eric tends to like movies that the critics hate, and vice versa.
  • Alex gives Sigourney Weaver a pass on her health.
  • Mr. Bean in Alien 3
  • The Orville (see trailer below)
  • Star Trek Discovery (see trailer below)
  • The CBS All Access issue. (See note below.)
  • Eric updates us on his watching of Star Trek: Enterprise and we discuss how much it “feels” like Star Trek.
  • Scott Bakula in the role of a Starfleet Captain. (see some retro-Bakula below)
  • We fondly reflect on Quantum Leap.
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Is Rey a Mary Sue? (see video below)

NOTE: CBS All Access at the time of this recording is $5.99/month. In the episode we mistakenly say it’s $8/month.

The Orville – Official Trailer

Star Trek Discovery – First Look Trailer

Scott Bakula in Canada Dry commercial

Scott Bakula in Decaf Folgers commercial (No one should be this happy about decaf coffee.)

Original Opening Title for Quantum Leap

Is Rey a Mary Sue? This person seems to think so.

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