Episode #21 – Dave’s Return Pt. 1 – Chris Is Going To Hell

Dave is back! We talk about the movie Atomic Blonde, the Justice League mustache controversy, Tina’s trial of Comixology Unlimited, the passing of voice actor June Foray, and more. We were one mic short for this episode so some of the audio is not up to our usual quality.

Hosts: Chris, Tina, Eric, Alex, and Dave

Sooty is a glove puppet, created by Harry Corbett in 1948, a fictional bear that appears on British television. The children’s television show that bears his name has continued in various forms since the 1950s and, according to Guinness World Records, is the longest-running children’s programme in the UK. (From Wikipedia. Click for details.)



  • San Diego Comic Con vs DragonCon, Police Squad, Naked Gun, and Buster Bloodvessel doing the Can Can in a dress.
  • Alex talks about Atomic Blonde and John Wick 2. Alex is still a child. Chris still isn’t funny.
  • Kevin Hart’s comedy special What Now? Rotten Tomatoes Game for Atomic Blonde and The Emoji Movie. Alex’s gives the room open crotch.
  • Justice League Moustache-Gate (See video below).
  • Henry Cavill’s underwear calls to mind Drawn Together.
  • Tina tells us about Comixology Unlimited. WTH is Daredevil doing in San Francisco??
  • Three of a Kind – a sketch comedy show from the UK in the early eighties. It starred Lenny Henry, Tracy Ullman, and David Copperfield (not THAT one).
  • Dave’s thoughts on The Orville and Star Trek: Discovery. (Dave is REALLY annoyed by Worf’s son Alexander.)
  • The passing of June Foray. Alex is amazed that anyone over fifty is still alive. We make some very insensitive remarks about Stan Lee and his late wife.
The picture Dave was referring to as Seth Macfarlane in makeup.

Bad Manners – The Can Can (1981)

Nerdist – What is Justice League’s Stachegate Controversy? (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

Three of a Kind starring Lenny Henry, Tracy Ullman, and David Copperfield (Includes the Alien spoof feat. Sooty and The Reverend Nat Westminster.)

True Identity – Trailer (This is the movie with Lenny Henry we were trying to think of)


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  1. Sorry, I forgot to mention “Ollivander” for the wand maker in the Harry Potter series). I saw at least one other person suggested it as a name but wanted to throw in my vote for it 🙂 Also, possibly “Odessa” for a Jackson foal if they branch out to different towns around the country? “Orchid” might work for a Fresia foal.Seems like there are a lot of great names! I love all the Greek mythology connections and the ones connected to the Sioux language 🙂Loading…

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