Episode #60 – The Infinite Marvel, Anastasia Kalman

Dan’s niece Anastasia Kalman joined us for this episode. (For the right price, you could be our niece too.) Anastasia is on the show to represent the next generation of geeks. Listen as the old farts make references that totally go over her head while she schools them on what “kids these days” are into. She is also a fanfiction author and is WAY into Marvel. Like, seriously she totally loves Marvel. Also, Luna Shovegood joins us once again!


  • Introducing The NerdBliss Podcast Call-In Line! Call 864-715-9446
  • Welcome to Dan’s niece Anastasia. DC shows on The CW.
  • Scoring Marvel and DC on progressive values.
  • Chasing rabbits all through the MCU.
  • Luna Shovegood joins us!
  • When did you first identify as a nerd?
  • Hopes, dreams, and fears. (and long distance charges)
  • Nostalgia and time travel.
  • Have you been ridiculed for your fandom?
  • Jocks vs Nerds in modern times.
  • Who do you share your fandom with?
  • Trolling horny dudes in IRC chat rooms.
  • Cobra Kai
The Thanos Copter

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