Episode #47 – The Wakandan Bobsled Team

We got the fevers! Wakandan fever and Olympic fever, that is. We talk a lot about Black Panther, but don’t worry about spoilers. We recorded this before the movie released. We talk about the Winter Olympics and Olympics in general. But it wouldn’t be us without obscure things like Wing Commander and Condorman. Oh, and you will NEVER guess what Eric’s first movie in the theater was. Chris called mom for the answer.


  • Why did the Romulans have Klingon ships in the original series?
  • Why do Romulans have a “forehead” and less strength and psychic abilities than Vulcans? Dan’s theory.
  • Introductions
  • Alex Ross exhibit at The Upcountry History Museum.
  • Don’t touch the B-Wing.
  • The laughter of the dead.
  • How sophisticated is the Star Trek transporter?
  • Black Panther is almost upon us!
  • The MCU at large.
  • The Winter Olympics and the most Irish name in the world.
  • A NerdBliss crash course in modern Olympic history.
  • Remembering Wing Commander, for better or worse.
  • Eric recalls he and Chris seeing Condorman in the U.K., HBO intermissions, and the British TV License.
  • Back to Black Panther, new trailers and teasers.
  • Solo will be the Star Trek: Discovery for Star Wars fans.
  • Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.
  • Eric’s first movie in the theater. Early Disney live action movies.
  • Eric’s Enterprise update leads to a very herbal discussion.
  • Back to Winter Olympics.
  • Black Panther quiz.

Upcountry History Museum – Upcoming Exhibits

Cartoon Network Pulp Fiction Spoof

Sam Eagle – The 1984 Olympic Mascot

As HBO Intermission from 1980

Solo Teaser Trailer

Key and Peele – Baby Forest

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