Episode #49 – Assless Chaps and C3P0 Masks

How do you feel about Joss Whedon stepping down from directing Batgirl? Or about Fergie’s interpretation of the national anthem? In this time when McDonald’s how has enough Szechuan sauce for all of us, can we really afford to not watch Star Wars: Rebels? Oprah is wrinklin’ that time. Oh…and Black Panther.


  • Joss Whedon has left the Batgirl movie project.
  • Fergie’s national anthem fallout.
  • Black Panther – Political and spoilery content
  • Alien leads in Star Wars and other movies.
  • More Black Panther.
  • Shred-pool and starfish.
  • Captain Power
  • The return of McDonalds Szechuan Sauce…too little, too late.
  • After looking down at others for what they were willing to do to get the Szechuan sauce, we detail the lengths that WE would go to to get the sauce ourselves.
  • Star Wars: Rebels
  • Ewok refugees takin’ our jobs! Star Wars Special Edition music.
  • “Assless” Chaps and “So Fine” Jeans.
  • Even MORE Black Panther.
  • A Wrinkle In Time and the subsequent books.
The “So Fine” jeans.

A Cherubim
Another Cherubim

2 thoughts on “Episode #49 – Assless Chaps and C3P0 Masks”

  1. @Présence : Plutôt figue que raisin (jai plus que moyennement aimé). Cela-dit, ce nest pas mon dessinateur favori et je lui ai préféré Marcos Martin qui prend sa suite avec Batgirl (et dans le même registre, le meilleur reste pour moi Tim Sale, mais là je suis cruel avec Pulido). Ça reste néanmoins un style connoté, rétro, cartoon mais pas racoleur (en dehors des modes), que je peux apprécier. Je le préfère à un Dodson, probablement plus doué, mais nettement plus racoleur quant à ma grille de lecture.

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